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Welcome to Arora Career Centre!

We provide professional guidance and support to plan and develop your Career. Our services include:

We offer one-to-one specialist career coaching and support that meets your needs. We  understand that you are unique and provide the assistance you need in response to your individual goals, personality, culture, values and stage of career development.

"Work gives you meaning and purpose, and life is empty without it. " - Stephen Hawkings

Career is a very important role you undertake in your life. Career gives you identity and status. Career gives you confidence. Career gives a meaning to life. Hence making the right career choice is a very crucial decision!

Whether you know exactly what you want to do with your life or have no idea what the future holds, one-on-one career counselling helps you reach your career goals. 

Making a right Career choice is still a complicated task. With so many choices available today combined with the innumerable and diverse institutes, it is really confusing to zero in on the right career option. It is also not possible for an individual to have an access to this abundant knowledge of courses and institutes. But the crux of the problem is NOT what is available externally. It is all about knowing your own strengths, weaknesses, nature, aptitude, interests and environment. Many a times, family background and aspirations too play a major role in deciding a child’s career. . 

We help you sort through the vast amount of information available to you and answer your individual career related questions about things such as your self-assessment results, your resume and cover letter, your upcoming interview, your job search strategy or your career plan. 


  • Career Counselling for School/College Students, Post Graduates:

We conduct written tests and take oral interviews of the candidates to get into their inner self - both at mental and interest levels.

Besides assessing mental reasoning, arithmetical skills, general awareness and language proficiency we also assess the nature and persona of the candidate for arriving at a concise and accurate understanding of him/her which goes a long way in a prudent career choice.
The candidate needs to give us one day for the written tests and for interview. The whole procedure is at an individual, one-to-one basis, and not a group process. This enables us to cater at the personal level.

  • Career Guidance:

We counsel people who are looking for - 
  • Mid Life Career Changes
  • Self Employment Choice & Guidance